Friday, July 25, 2008

Moto GP Laguna Seca

Also went to the races! I'm not sure these guys are bound by any of the laws of physics.

Big Sur fire (at a distance)

Last weekend I traveled up north to visit my folks out in Arroyo Seco (near Carmel) where a team comprised mostly of volunteers were running a helicopter base which refilled the choppers with fire retardant. Never really saw any flames, but all the smoke looked pretty cool.

Jacob's Grad

My friend and colleague from Cameroon, Jacob Foko, recently graduated from Brooks. As if that wasn't enough he gave a speech at the ceremony, and at city hall soon after. He also screened his doc "Flux Mothers" from his trip to Congo. This caught the attention of a camera crew from CNN, and their story on Jacob should air in August. I should get an autograph while I have the chance!


I feel pretty cool starting a blog. Or lame, it's hard to tell. At least I'm making up for not having a myspace or facebook account, and my family can see what I'm up to. Let the blogging begin!